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How To Get The Most Out Of Shopping At The Farmers Market

Farmers markets are an amazing asset to any city and community. Being able to purchase fresh, right off the farm produce, meats and cheeses should be much easier than sometimes it seems. When you shop at your local farmers market, not only are you supporting your local farmers and community, … Read More

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7 Things To Do On A Snow Day With Your Kids

It seems as if winter is never going to end at this point, doesn’t it? I know that if you have little ones of your own, these bitterly cold snow days are beginning to become rather common occurrences. Making memories and having fun is something that you can never do enough of with your children. […]


10 Winter Date Night Ideas

The days are shorter, but now the nights are longer! There are so many fun things you can do with the one you love. I hear it all the time, or at least I used to when I was younger…”There’s nothing to do!” Here are some ideas of mine… And feel free to add some […]


Best Wine For Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Our most anticipated and favorite meal of the year is quickly approaching. I know many of you have been researching and updating your menu for Thanksgiving Dinner! Did you know that more wine is sold for Thanksgiving dinner than any other meal of the year? Surprised? I bet not! When it comes to choosing which […]

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Do You Want To Quit Drinking Coffee?

I quit drinking coffee about two months ago. Before I go any further… Yes, I had terrible headaches, but only for a couple of days and it was worth fighting through because I have never felt better. We live in such a crazed, let’s see how much shit we can fit into one day type […]


Another Year For Improvement

The chitter chatter around he office this week will be, “How was your New Year’s and what is your resolution(s)?” I’m sure many common responses to that question include, go to to gym, write down what you eat, lose 20 pounds, stop going to Dunkin Donuts every morning, the list goes on and on. I […]


Do you have the winter blues? You are absolutely NOT alone!

This is a topic that not many people want to talk about or even feel comfortable talking about. Depression. It really effects so many people and I am beginning to think it is mostly caused by all of the pressures that we all endure in this crazy world. For 40 million Americans, anxiety disorders are […]


I’m Back…

I took a little bit of a break from posting on my blog… As some of you have noticed. I had a real defining moment when I realized that unfortunately, not everyone in this world is about helping one another. It really bothers me that so many people will do such unexpected things to get […]