10 Winter Date Night Ideas

The days are shorter, but now the nights are longer! There are so many fun things you can do with the one you love. I hear it all the time, or at least I used to when I was younger…”There’s nothing to do!” Here are some ideas of mine… And feel free to add some more of your own in the comments below!

Personally, I think this time of the year is the best time of the year for date nights! Why? Because it’s the most wonderful time of the year… Right? Okay, so onto some date ideas for all of you…

  1. Iceskating – If you want to laugh, get a workout and have a blast, then this date idea is just for you. Living in the Northeast, as well as many other parts of the country, we have the advantage of doing many different outdoor winter sports that involve snow and ice! There are many different places to ice skate once the weather is cold enough. Here in Maine, some of the most popular spots include Deering Oaks in Portland, Maine. For all my fellow Mainers, there are a total of 35 indoor skating arenas from Saco to Fort Kent. Most of which offer public skating hours throughout the winter, as well as rentals, sharpening and lessons.
  2. Visit Your Local Bookstore – Who doesn’t love curling up in your favorite chair with a blanket, the one you love and a good book? Finding the book that you want to read can also be as much fun. If you’re looking for another way to spend your Sunday Funday (ya know, no football!), then grab your sweetheart and head out to your local bookstore. It’s fun to look for books that you will both want to read, together!
  3. Have a Movie Night –  This is a little twist on the traditional “dinner and movie night out.” Grab a 2-liter of soda, or your favorite drink ingredients, some candy and popcorn and head home for your own movie night at home. Make sure you snuggle, because the whole “watching a movie” experience is a millions times better when snuggling is involved.
  4. Volunteer/Help Someone Out – This is a perfect date idea that will not only help someone out, but will also make the both of you feel better! You could volunteer at a local soup kitchen, offer to babysit or shovel someone’s driveway (yes, for free!).
  5. Have a Game Night – Whether you are into board games, card games or video games, all can be really fun to do together! I personally love to play Wii games as a couple. However, if you are the type that will do ANYTHING to win the game, maybe you should focus on games where the focus isn’t around winning. You could also invite your friends over and make it a group date night! You could all bring your favorite games and then vote on which ones you will be playing, making sure to keep notes on which games you want to play next time, since you probably won’t have time to play all the games you want in one night… Or maybe you will.
  6. Skiing/Snowboarding – If both of you or even just one of you is a skiier and/or snowboarder, then this idea may be your perfect date idea. Heading up to the mountain early in the morning and spending all day is a great bonding experience. If either of you is new to the sport, I guarantee you will both have some laughs. It’s great to do a couple of runs together, then stop to enjoy lunch and/or coffee and hot chocolate. Some mountains also have an area for tubing and/or sledding, which is something that you both may enjoy a little bit more!
  7. Work Out Together – Winter time can make it easy for one to become lazy, stay inside and not workout. However, working out together is a great date idea. You will both feel much better afterward and it’s easy to workout when you have a buddy. Gym memberships can get expensive, so if that is something that you don’t want to invest in, don’t worry, there are many, many different ways to workout without an expensive gym membership. Many libraries have workout DVD’s that you can borrow. There are also many workout ideas online; Pinterest has so many different workouts that have been pinned by different users, that if you are looking for your perfect workout, you will most likely find it. It may also be fun to buy a workout DVD at Target or WalMart. If a yoga class is more your style, look up a local studio and drop into a class together. Go our for protein shakes or tea afterwards to make your date idea complete.
  8. Check Out the Holiday Lights – “Tis the season (well almost!) to check out the holiday lights! Before we know it, our favorite spots to check out the holiday lights will be lit up again! Grab a thermos of hot chocolate or coffee, or stop at your favorite coffee shop, which you head out on your favorite route. It would be fun for you to go to one another’s hometowns (if you still live locally) to check out the lights. There’s nothing like visiting your hometown during the holidays and reminiscing!
  9. Cook Dinner Together – Going out to eat can surely get expensive. However, it can be even more fun to go grocery shopping together to shop for the ingredients to make a meal together! I remember hearing that if a couple can cook together, they can do anything together! I believe that there may be some truth to that statement.
  10. Go Out For Dessert – After you make dinner at home, head out to your favorite restaurant to grab some dessert! You will save a bunch of money by not going out for dinner as well as dessert, but you will have just as much fun, because, who doesn’t love dessert?

I hope that you find some of these date night ideas useful to you and your loved one. Don’t let the short and cold winter days get you thinking that there isn’t anything fun to do with your boyfriend and/or girlfriend, because there are so many things to do, just use your imagination. What is your favorite date night idea?

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