Best Wine For Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Our most anticipated and favorite meal of the year is quickly approaching. I know many of you have been researching and updating your menu for Thanksgiving Dinner! Did you know that more wine is sold for Thanksgiving dinner than any other meal of the year? Surprised? I bet not! When it comes to choosing which wine to pair with your feast, there are endless options. Typically turkey is paired with dry white wines, but red wines are also appropriate, especially where cranberry sauce is involved!  It may be difficult to choose just one wine to serve, so pick up several different types! Some of the most popular wines include;

  1. Chardonnay
  2. Pinot Gris
  3. Riesling (A very popular choice!)
  4. Vouvray
  5. Sparkling wines
  6. Lambrusco
  7. Sparkling reds
  8. Beaujolais
  9. Pinot Noir
  10. Zinfandel

When it comes to dessert, the cardinal rule is that the wine should be sweeter than the food. A Madeira or Port from Portugal is a nice option, as is an Icewine from Canada or a Trockenbeerenauslese from Austria which pairs perfectly with the pumpkin, pecan or apple pie.

The most important thing is to choose a wine that compliments what you are serving and is one that you like!


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