Are You Listening To Your Customers via Social Media?

This past week I had an amazing customer service experience. It involved Twitter & one of my favorite pizza parlor’s in Maine, Leonardo’s Pizza.

By now, many of you may have heard The Greatest Customer Service Story Ever Told, Starring Morton’s Steakhouse by Peter Shankman [He’s one of those super important social media guys of this world ๐Ÿ˜‰ ]. To sum it up… Peter was flying home & before his plane took off he tweeted Morton’s Steakhouse [jokingly!] asking for them to meet him at the Newark airport with a porterhouse. Well they did, & that is where I got my inspiration from when I tweeted Leonardo’s when my stomach started rumbling during the Social Media FTW Conference this past week.

I had eaten some fruit & a muffin that was available during the conference’s breakfast, but that only held me over for an hour or so. [I guess I should have thought twice before I got rid of the granola bars in my purse… Or so I thought! ;)] So, I decided it was time to get a little creative to fix my hungry tummy & the only way to do so [without leaving] was to use my phone & the possibilities that exist in the social media, specifically, the Twitter world. While I was sitting in one of the seminars right before our lunch break, I sent the following tweet to Leonardo’s Pizza which happens to be right across the street from where the conference was being held, at the University of Southern Maine in Portland.




Within 19 minutes Leonardo’s Pizza tweeted me back the following:







“OH MY GOODNESS, it worked!” is all I could think… I tweeted Leonardo’s back and told them to surprise me! After all, beggars can’t be choosers… Right? Soon there after, my cell phone rang & in walked Leonardo’s Pizza with 2 of the most beautiful pizzas I had ever seen!

Leonardo's! I'm sorry your head got cut off! & look! It's Saul Colt with his awesome pants in the background :)

It was awesome! That was a perfect example of how businesses need to be listening online because the opportunities are endless as to how you can get your name, product and/or service out there. However, it is really quite simple. All you need to do is listen. No, Leonardo’s Pizza did not even have to respond to my tweet, let alone go out of there way to make 2 supreme, special topping pizzas to bring over to me just because they understand the importance of a wonderful customer service experience. But they did! They were listening & the experience became a win, win for the both of us!

I am definitely more likely to order my pizza from Leonardo’s Pizza in the future… Even if it is an extra 20 minutes out of my way. I don’t even know exactly what kind of pizza they brought me [other than AMAZING! It was so good!], but I do remember exactly how they made me feel… Like I mattered to them… & I did!

Leonardo’s seems to get it when it comes to using social media effectively for their small business. The best part of all of this was that I was at a SOCIAL MEDIA conference for the day… How perfect! The pizza definitely hit the spot & their timing could not have been any more perfect!

Thank you Leonardo’s Pizza for making my day at the Social Media FTW Conference a whole lot better!

My next tweeting mission is to find out exactly what kind of pizza’s they sent over to me… They were so amazingly yummy & full of fresh ingredients!

Have you ever had an amazing social media related customer service experience? Or have you tried voicing your concerns and/or problems via social media, only to be completely ignored?





Maine’s Social Media Event Double Header

This week in Portland, Maine could quite possibly be summed up as the best week ever for social media! With only a couple days of summer left, there is no better way to ring in the beginning of fall. Are you a small business owner, professional marketer, PR professional, entrepreneur,ย  and/or non-profit?ย  Do you want to learn how to maximize the results you get from social media? Or do you feel like you need to get on board with social media to get your brand out there, but you have no clue where to begin & are completely overwhelmed? You are certainly not alone! This is the perfect week for you to get on track & figure out what you should be doing & how you should go about doing it. There are two big events this week in Portland, Maine; Social Media FTW Fall Conference & Social Media Breakfast Maine…

This Wednesday, September 22nd from 8AM to 5PM is the 3rd annual Social Media FTW Fall Conference at the University of Southern Maine in Portland. This conference will include sessions taught by industry leaders in social media, blogging, podcasting, branding, internet marketing and so much more. This full-day conference promises to deliver hands-on help for those who are new to social networking as well as higher level strategy sessions for those already involved in social marketing efforts. There are so many great speakers lined up for the day. I am looking forward to hearing from the two keynote speakers; Mike Volpe, CMO at Hubspot & Saul Colt, Head of Magic at Freshbooks, as well as networking, meeting new faces & making new connections.

*Just added: Unofficial September Tweetup 5 – 8:00 PM; After FTW! Cash bar. Abromson Center, USM, Portland

The following afternoon, September 23rd from 4 – 7:30 PM is September’s Social Media Breakfast Maine at the Eastland Park Hotel. It is usually in the morning & it is usually breakfast, but because of the previous day’s FTW Conference, they decided to move it to the afternoon & have it be a happy hour style event. The topic is How Local Breweries Are Using Social Media. [I wrote a blog post titled; ‘Find Your Favorite Maine Brewery Using Social Media‘, back in July that you might want to check out. :)] This ‘breakfast’ย  will be different in that there won’t be any bacon, but there will be beer. That’s a fair trade right? Also, Chris Brogan will be there co-hosting the event with Amanda O’Brien.ย Chrisโ€™s blog,ย [], is in the Top 5 of the Advertising Age Power150. He has over 11 yearsโ€™ experience in online community, social media, and related technologies. Oh & he also knows a thing or two about good beer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This is guaranteed to be a week chock-a-block full of anything & everything social media. Social media marketing, as we all know is extremely powerful. There are so many possibilities & opportunities. I hope you join me this week & are able to take part in Maine’s social media double header!

Social Media Help: Speed Dating Style!

What is Social Media Breakfast Maine?” is a question that I have been getting quite a bit from many of you. I love it!
SMBME [Yes!, it has it’s own acronym… & that is also the Twitter hashtag to use, #SMBME] is a monthly breakfast where people [about 100] get together [usually a Thursday or Friday from 7:30 -10:30AM at the Eastland Park Hotel] share stories, ask questions & engage with other active social media experts & newbies! It is also a great opportunity for;

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America’s Favorite LivingSocial Deals

Have you ever wondered if anyone actually purchased that LivingSocial deal for botox or pole dancing that you remember reading in bed while you were checking your emails before you got in the shower? They had 24 hours to make the choice and according to this morning’s release by Living Social of their 2nd Quarter report [April – June], it is certain that these deals were and are being scooped up by the thousands! I am a huge fan of a great deal as most of you already know and think that paying retail for anything, especially for food, fitness & entertainment is completely unnecessary. The deals are out there, get ’em guys!

I found the 2nd Quarter information quite interesting because it’s interesting to see what deals Americans’ are obsessed with, as well as the trends in the marketplace. LivingSocial categorizes their deals/vouchers by 4 categories; Beauty, Food/Dining Out, Fitness & Entertainment.

Here are some things that stuck out to me & you may agree… We are a bunch of weirdos & it’s awesome!

  • In 3 months, LivingSocial Americans’ consumed 428,636 margaritas & 708,992 slices of pizza. Yogurt beat out ice cream as the most popular frozen dessert, 67,195 to 46,446 , respectively! Either way that’s a whole lotta yumminess being consumed!
  • I found this next discovery quite interesting & entertaining [no pun intended ๐Ÿ˜‰ ]… People are more likely to buy a pole dancing voucher [19,972] than a gym membership voucher [16,125]. HA! That’s just great! I love the creative way of working out… It’s not gross, it’s a very effective workout… Although I have never done it… I’m not afraid to say that it looks like fun!
  • Yoga dominated selling 92,242 vouchers! Namaste baby!
  • In the Beauty category, Laser Hair Removal was preferred over Waxing… That makes sense right? I guess I’d also rather have it removed by a laser then ripped out by an over aggressive waxer.
  • There were 107,159 Mexican restaurant vouchers sold! We love the Mexican culture now don’t we?

“The results from this quarter’s U.S. trend study paint a really strong picture of how LivingSocial is connecting its members with the things they like to do in their free time,” said Mandy Cole, Senior Vice President of Sales, LivingSocial. “We’re a burrito-eating, golf-playing, massage-loving bunch…” & there is nothing wrong with that! :)

What are your favorite LivingSocial deals & how many vouchers do you have that you haven’t redeemed yet?

Have You Heard Me On WJBQ 97.9 with Teddy McKay?

My radio debut on 7.26.2011!

This past Wednesday, August, 3 2011, at 2:40PM, I began my radio gig, ‘Stiffler’s Social Scoop’ on Portland’s #1 Hit Music station WJBQ 97.9 with Teddy McKay. Yes, I was nervous! But radio is so much fun & I can’t wait to get more comfortable with it! Let me share with you how this all came to be…

About three weeks ago, [July 15th to be exact because it was the Friday Nate & I closed on our new house! Amazing day!] Teddy asked me if I would like to do a radio segment with him about the social scene in & around Portland as well as some social media stuff and gossip? Basically bring my blog to the radio. I immediately said “Yes, tell me more!” We talked early that next week after my family & friends helped us move our life from our little 2 bedroom condo into a big house! [I have 2 completely empty rooms right now & I kinda love it!]

I went into the studio that week so that I could see how everything works and to get a sense of what radio is like. I was at the studio for about 3 hours that afternoon and at the end of Teddy’s shift, he & Rob Steele introduced me & ‘Stiffler’s Social Scoop’ to the radio world! Wheeee!

Teddy warned me that the first time I heard my voice I would be like “Whoa!”, and it was just like that. Of course in a radio studio you have reallllly nice mic’s that are made to make your voice sound great, but it still is a little weird. I spent a few minutes talking about my blog, Google+, as well as the upcoming August Maine Tweetup. And Yes! I was nervous, just like anyone would be, I think. But it wasn’t as nerve-wracking as I thought it would have been. [Prob because there are no cameras, just your voice ๐Ÿ˜‰ ]. But it’s FUN! Teddy didn’t record me because he wants me to have a couple weeks of practice under my belt or else I will just torture myself with trying to make sure I sound perfect. So once I get the hang of this radio thing, I will post the audio clips so that you can all hear if you miss the live thing. I will also make sure to post my weekly segment recap’s under the My Q97.9 Segment tab at the top of this page.

I hope you all join me along this journey! I’m excited for the potential of the segment and to see how it will evolve!

Social Media Day 2011 – Portland, Maine Mashable Meetup

Maybe you have been seeing or hearing about Mashable and aren’t really sure what that or they are all about? Mashable covers social media news, events and everything in-between. This year is the 2nd year Mashable has presented ‘Social Media Day’ via Mashable Meetup’s, which are worldwide events that are held to celebrate the technological advancements that enable everyone to connect with real-time information, communicate from miles apart and have their voices be heard… AKA the Facebook & Twitter social media revolution!

Outside deck at the Porthole Restaurant

To sum is up… This is a time for anyone and everyone in the Portland, Maine area that is a web enthusiast, blogger, Facebook, Twitter user… And let’s face it, in 2011 that is pretty much everyone! So, on Thursday, June 30, 2011 at 7:00PM at the Porthole Restaurant, everyone that is friends online will be able to meet offline, in real life. Sounds like fun right? Well it is! And the Porthole is one of the most perfect locations in Portland for this event because of their large outside deck that overlooks picturesque Casco Bay, as well as their ice cold beverages which are always enjoyed after a long day of work… especially on a Friday Eve! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So mark your calendar & plan to come on down on the 30th for social media mixer! I hope to see you all there! Please RSVP via the Mashable Meetup Facebook event page.

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