Why You Should Never Take A Nude Photo

This subject has always been something that I just have not been able to understand. Throughout my entire adolescence, cell phones, computers and the Internet were the new and upcoming thing, and  I can always remember hearing my peers talk about sending naked pictures to their boyfriends or girlfriends. Are you out of your damn mind!?!? Do you really not have any respect for yourself? It absolutely blows my mind that these people, mostly young women, are so willing to send such compromising photos. Have some respect for yourself. If you aren’t going to show any respect for yourself, who will? I think that like many things, those people don’t think about what they did until after they did it, and by then it’s just too damn late.

Let me ask you something. Do you realize that anything and everything that you post on the Internet is there forever? Forever! There is no deleting, which means that in 15 years, when you least expect that naked photo you took of yourself when you were 25 to appear, it will. Someone that you know will find it and use it. It’s inevitable!

I have dated guys that have asked  for me to send them a nude photo and I am sure you have too. How about…Noooo! It never ever happened because I always knew better. One thing you should all realize is that the guy you dated when you were 18 will most likely just be a memory by the time you are 28. Why would you send that person a PERMANENT token for them to remember how you looked naked at 18? You are just opening yourself up to a world of problems. What happens in 6 months when that relationship is over and that person decides to humiliate you by sharing the nude photos you oh so willingly sent with all of his friends? All it takes is for ONE person to send it to one other person. It’s not about who you sent it to, it’s about who THEY sent it to and so on. You’ve started a war, but what foot do you have to stand on? You are the one that provided the material that can now be used to try and destroy you and your reputation. You’re the fool and you have no one to blame but yourself.

This brings me to this week’s recent news, broke by TMZ, about the estimated 50 celebrities that have been targeted by a “hacking ring,” which has broken into their computers and cell phones and stolen embarrassing pictures and videos. Scarlett Johansson supposedly had a nude picture stolen from her iPhone. You do know that there isn’t any data on your phone that is safe, right? You do understand that right? If you don’t take the photo, it doesn’t exist, which means that it can’t be exploited.

In a world where it is becoming OK to share almost everything, try keeping your private parts to yourself or at least respect yourself and let those moments and memories remain special between you and your significant other. Please. I am sure we have all seen, whether it’s a friend or a celebrity on the news, how a nude photo or even a video can be absolutely humiliating and devastating to someone’s reputation.

Stop and think for at least a couple seconds about the consequences that photo could cause in the future. Yes the future, it exists and do you want your children being able to pull up nude photos of their mommy and daddy when they are older. I highly doubt it.

P.S. – (There are exceptions to this, such as a professional credible publication (i.e. Playboy), and tasteful, adorable boudoirs! Maine is excited for their first Playmate this June 2011, Mei-Ling Lam) :)

I do live in this century & have an open mind, I just have no patience for the nude photo scandals that could have been avoided!


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